High capacity Helical Piles and quality Steel Foundation Products

Slabjack is an exclusive distributer for MAGNUM® Helical Piles and related steel foundation products. MAGNUM’s history and experience in deep foundation manufacturing assures we will have the quality, reliability and engineering needed for your specific job. Compatible With Our Anchor Drives

Every job starts with a relationship with our customers so we can better understand the nature of their job, their concerns and their bottom line. We do this with 40 years of service meeting the needs of our customers. Over these years, our engineers and project managers, identified the unique challenges our customers faced. As a result, they have been able to develop better applications for foundation requirements, such as Helical Piles. Continuous product testing and understanding global Geo-Structural features, MAGNUM®’s Helical Piles and foundation products have grown not only in size, but in capacity and quality. MAGNUM® Piering opened it doors in 1981. The early concept was to design and manufacture the best product line for foundation repair. It wasn’t long before our Push Piers and Brackets received ICC-ES certification. But we didn’t stop with that. In 2001, our development team designed and introduced our Helical Pile product line.

Helical pile foundations and guy anchors have been used for over 75 years in transmission line construction to support lattice towers, monopoles, h-frames, and a variety of tangent, angle, and dead-end structures.  They have also been used within substations and power generating plants to support transformers and other equipment.  Compared to other foundations, helical piles have the highest variety of uses from compression, moment, and lateral loads of pole bases to compression, shear, and uplift of towers corners and guy cables. 

Helical piles offer several benefits.  They can reach practically unlimited depths (150+ feet) for areas with deep soft soil conditions.  Their slender shaft and large bearing plates are ideal for expansive/collapsible soils.  They install easily in high groundwater tables.  Installation can be done in all seasons including cold weather and through frozen ground (predrilling may be needed).  A very important factor when working near energized lines is that helical piles can be installed in short sections with low-headroom using compact equipment.  Even when geotechnical data is limited, it is okay to use helical foundations because final torque can be used to verify capacity, and they can be proof tested in the field with pull-out tests.